How to Cutt on a Mouth Call

Turkey Calling Tip: How to Cutt on a Mouth Call by FieldandStream

Hard, loud cutting is a surefire way to make a reluctant gobbler give away his location. Hunter Wallis, six-time Grand National Calling champion, uses cutts whenever he’s running and gunning to locate mellow or henned-up spring toms. One common mistake lots of guys make with a mouth call is blowing the cutts like loud clucks—puht‘ing hard through the front of their mouth. Instead, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and blow sharp, crisp belly air through the call, much like saying the word tick. Tick, tick-tick, tick, tick-tick-tick. For volume, really contract your diaphragm muscle, and direct the sound with your hand. Live hens tend to hit one, two or three notes in random order, so save the machine gun sounds for annoying your wife on long car rides.