Three Killer Kebab Recipes

Summer and meat on a stick go hand in hand.

Travel anywhere in the world, including to most hunting camps, and you’re bound to find some type of meat on a stick. While the names and ingredients may differ from culture to culture, the cooking method is universal—and so are the delicious results.

Wild Boar Souvlak

A marinade of olive oil, garlic, oregano, and lemon hits the hog with a bright burst of classic Greek flavors. Perfect for a midsummer cookout when cherry tomatoes are ripe.

Deer Sausage & Peppers

An Italian picnic on a stick—deer sausage teams up with pickled red peppers, briny green olives, and slices of crisp fennel bulbs.

Hawaiian Duck

Pineapple’s tropical bite is the perfect match for wild duck, and flames will transform the teriyaki sauce into a sweet glaze.

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Photograph by Christopher Testani. Food styled by Roscoe Betsill