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Make a paper-tuning jig that goes up fast, breaks down easy, and takes up almost no room in the garage or closet.. Dave Hurteau

How to Make a Takedown Tuning Jig by FieldandStream

If you tune your own bow, you know that you can make a perfectly fine, stand-alone paper-tuning jig from wood or PVC. The only problem—for me at least—is finding a place to store the thing when it’s not in use, which is the vast majority of the time. (I don’t know about you, but my garage, shed, and closets are already overstuffed with targets, treestands, decoys, and more.)

The solution is to make a simple takedown jig. Besides a few things you probably already have, all you need is a 5- or 6-foot 5/16ths threaded steel rod (cut in halves) and a couple of 5/16ths tee nuts. Install the nuts into a wooden vertical post, the wall of an outdoor shed, or a horizontal wooden surface, like a sawhorse. Then you can screw in the steel rods, add paper, and tune away. When your done, unscrew the rods and just toss them in your arrow bin until you need them again.