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I once used a lawn chair in my deer camp. It rusted and broke (while I was sitting in it). I never bought another. I took a big, thick trunk-end log from a tree that I had felled and made two precise chain-saw cuts. My log chair never rusts. It won’t ever break.

How to build it
( 1 ) Choose a 36-inch-long hardwood log that’s at least 16 inches in diameter at the top. Make a mark 17 inches from one end, brace the log, and cut it with a chain saw about two-thirds of the way through. This cut will form the seat.

( 2 ) Stand the log on its bottom and make a slanting cut through the top to the first cut to create the chair’s backrest. For comfort, this should angle back about 4 or 5 inches from the rear of the seat to the top of the chair back. Add two coats of varnish or polyurethane, and a cushion if desired.

Click Here to see the Log Camp Chair

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