Deer Camp Projects: Outhouse

Here's what you need to know to build the perfect throne.

Field & Stream Online Editors

How to build it
**( 1 ) **Assemble the outhouse over a hole that you've dug measuring 3x3x3 feet. Lay down a 48x48-inch foundation frame of 2x4s (with space for the hole). Construct a 48x48-inch double-layered floor joist box, using 2x8-inch treated lumber (joists running front to back) and set this atop the foundation. Cover the joist box with a 5/8-inch exterior plywood floor, centering a 12x24-inch opening on the back side. Then make a bench seat from 2x4s, 24 inches wide and 18 inches high, covered with 1-inch-thick boards. The toilet seat opening is 10x12 inches.

( 2 ) Make the walls 41x48 inches, 84 inches high at the front and 78 inches high at the back. The walls, roof, sills, and base are 2x4 frames covered with 1-inch-thick shiplapped boards. Create a 30x76-inch doorframe for a vertical shiplapped siding door (with a Z-shaped 2x4 brace). Attach the door with brass hinge plates. The roof assembly-60-inch 2x4 rafters sandwiched between two planks of 5/8-inch exterior plywood-overhangs every side by 6 inches. (In the illustration the bottom panel is omitted to show the interior construction.) Top the roof with shingles or galvanized aluminum.