Field & Stream Online Editors

**Q: **What was your most memorable moment in the outdoors?

A: When my granddad took me duck hunting for the first time, sitting on a stump in the middle of a rainy swamp. Two drakes came in. I got the one on the left; Granddad got the one on the right. It was something right out of Robert Ruark’s Old Man and the Boy.

Q: How does the racing season affect your outdoor pursuits?

A: It’s tough to fit everything in. Usually, I get home Sunday night, spend Monday there, and go to the office on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I head for my farm, where I always have a conservation project going on. Then it’s time to start gearing up for the next weekend of racing. It’s a balance.

Q: What’s the conservation project?

A: I created the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation to show landowners how they can enhance wildlife habitat on their property. It gets them focused on the legal means, such as easements, that they have to better protect their lands. It’s also designed as an outreach to introduce youngsters to the outdoors.