This is the most widely useful-and easiest-of all terminal knots used in freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing. It works well with both nylon monofilaments and superbraids. When you’re tying on a hook, swivel, snap, or most lures, the Palomar knot is less complicated and usually stronger than the more common improved clinch knot. -J.M.

Step 1 Extend about 6 inches of doubled line through the hook or lure eye.

Step 2 Tie a loose overhand knot using the doubled line on either side of the eye. The hook itself will hang from the middle of the knot.

Step 3 Pass the loop all the way over the hook (or snap, or lure). Lubricate the knot with saliva, then pull on the doubled line (but not the loop) to tighten. Trim closely with sharp clippers.
** The finished knot:**