Named after Berkley’s Trilene monofilament, the Trilene knot is a stronger variation of the commonly used improved clinch knot. Tied carefully, it tests at close to 100 percent of line strength. I often use it for tying lures or hooks to nylon monofilaments testing from 4 to 12 pounds. Tightening this knot with heavier lines is too difficult.-John Merwin

Step 1: Put about 6 inches of line through the hook eye. Then put the tag end through the hook eye a second time, forming a small double loop. Hold the loop and hook eye with the thumb and index finger of your left hand.

Step 2: Turn the tag end around the standing line five times (in front of the loop). Then put the tag end through the double loop.

Step 3: Moisten the line copiously with saliva to make tightening easier, then pull the standing end firmly to seat the knot.