Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Age: 18 years old

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I was having a rough season--but was determined to kill a boss tom. It was a Wednesday morning before school, and I convinced my unenthusiastic mom to let me go turkey hunting with my cousin. I only had about 45 minutes to hunt, but my mom knew I wouldn't get one based on how the season was going so far. 
My cousin and I set up near the roost, and before you know it, the gobblers were sounding off. The only problem: there were none near us. Ten minutes after the other turkeys started gobbling, one gobbled right in front of us probably 100 yards away. I gave him a call, and he gobbled back. The tom flew down shortly after, and I knew it was time to make some magic happen. 
I purred and gave a few yelps and he gobbled, and he had moved even closer. Before you know it, I can see this jelly head strolling down a trail through some pines. I had just previously bought a $50 half-strut jake decoy the day before. This tom spotted the decoy and came in straight toward him. But before he got to beat the decoy up, I sent some No. 5s his way. I didn't want him to hurt my new decoy! 
It was 6:17 a.m., hardly been light for five minutes. The bird was 20 pounds with 1 1/4-inch spurs and a 10 1/2-inch beard. I was late to school, and the teacher asked why. So I pulled the turkey feet out my backpack. She looked at me blankly and said, "That's a first. You get an excused tardy for that!"

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