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Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

We told our field editors we wanted the honey holes. Not just places with lots of big fish, but waters that were extraordinary for their beauty, diversity, and unique personalities. We asked them to divulge their secrets, tell us the hot lures and flies, and talk to local experts. What they came back with is a list of fishing holes so rich and plentiful you’ll need a lifetime to fish them all. Better get started.
-The Editors


  • San Juan River, Snake River, Fort Peck Reservoir, Green River and South Park.
  • [Map](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/images_category/rockies25.jpg”, 430,550))

MIDWEST * Door County Peninsula, Lake St. Clair, Truman Reservoir, Devil’s Lake and Lake of the Woods. * [ Map](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/images_category/midwest25.jpg”, 600,416))

SOUTH * Lake Fork, Venice, Santee-Cooper, Savannah, and Pine Island Coast * [ Map](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/images_category/south25.jpg”, 500,312))

WEST COAST * Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Skykomish River, Rogue River, Lake Rufus Woods, and Whiskeytown Reservoir * [Map](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/images_category/westcoast25.jpg”, 211,500))

EAST * Lake Champlain, Raystown Lake, Kennebec River, Eastern Lake Ontario, Upper Chesapeake Bay * [ Map](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/images_category/east25.jpg”, 589,606))