Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

My name is Sid Evans, and starting with this issue I will be the 14th editor of Field & Stream. I’m approaching this job with a lot of respect, not just for the magazine itself, but for the hunting and fishing traditions that inspired its creation 107 years ago.

Field & Stream has survived for so long because it has never been about celebrities or politics or television. It’s about things that last, like competence in the outdoors, wildlife conservation, and a true understanding of our role in the natural world. It’s about important skills like how to field dress a deer, and how to survive a night in the winter woods, should you ever have to (see “A Hunter’s Guide to Winter Survival,” on page 53). But Field & Stream is also about the intangible: the shock of seeing a huge whitetail at 17 yards, the satisfaction of watching your Lab make a good retrieve, the rush-every time-of feeling a bass on the line. Some things never change.

On the other hand, these are changing times, and part of our job is to keep you informed about the rapidly shifting landscape of hunting and fishing. We have friends in the media, but we have a lot more critics, people who simply don’t get the fact that sportsmen take care of their game. We’re facing serious issues of habitat loss, gun regulations, and strange new threats like chronic wasting disease. Field & Stream will cover these stories assiduously, with the long-term goal of not just surviving, but thriving.

When Field & Stream was founded in 1895, editor Charles Hallock promised that the publication would be “entertaining and instructive¿¿¿always with the fundamental idea of advancing the spirit of true sportsmanship.” Sounds about right. In fact, I’ll make the same promise to you right now.