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Field & Stream Online Editors

A Nalgene water bottle’s durable, airtight construction and wide mouth makes it an excellent container for more than a drink. I pack a few on hunting and fishing trips.

Cut a small square off a kitchen sponge. Moisten it with water and drop it in the bottle. Then stick in six or seven stogies, and you have a deer-camp humidor. The bottle keeps them from drying out or getting crushed in your duffel bag.

Survival Kit
The bottle will keep your wire, rope, fire starters, and first-aid equipment dry. I’ve also packed tools and spare parts for my bow this way.

Ready-Made Meals
Before camping trips, I mix up a batch of instant oatmeal with crushed almonds and diced dried fruit. I store it in the bottle, pour out a little into a bowl, add boiling water, and have breakfast.