Field & Stream Online Editors

While otal hunter numbers dipped in the past decade, the Very Well Off increasingly reached for the camouflage. This trend was documented in a January New York Times article, which noted that upscale enthusiasts-those making $100,000 or more-were suddenly embracing hunting in their late 20s to 40s. The attraction? Mostly clothes, it seems.

The article, by Tatiana Boncompagni, reported that “the sport’s popularity falls into the same ¿¿¿country’ lifestyle¿¿¿that has soccer moms buying Range Rovers and wearing Beretta jackets.” One of these hunting neophytes, an account manager, matches pearl earrings to her fitted camouflage jumpsuit, declaring, “I look really good in it.” Another, a senior vice president, said that when his sisters ask how he can shoot animals, he responds that he has yet to hit anything. And a hedge fund manager said that he loves goose hunting, even though dispatching a crippled goose “kind of bummed [BRACKET “me”] out.”

Field & Stream welcomes these newcomers and wishes them many happy, fashionable, and morally untroubled days afield.