Barbara Baird

Barbara Baird

Contributing Writer

Barbara Baird publishes Women’s Outdoor News. A freelance writer with bylines in top national hunting, shooting, travel and fishing magazines and former newspaper editor, Baird is a whitetail, upland bird and turkey hunter. She also dabbles in fly fishing. Baird lives in the Ozarks of Missouri with her husband, Jason. She is the mom of four and granny to 10 children—who are learning all about hunting, shooting, and fishing.

In her spare time, she writes a travel blog, “The Accidental Ozarkian,” and is working on her first book about water mills in the Missouri Ozarks. After all, you can wade and fish at several of these sites.


  • Covers hunting, shooting, and gear


Baird considers herself to be in the the “matriarch phase of my life in so many ways—through what I share with people and especially about the importance of going outside.” Whether it’s taking her state rep out deer hunting, shooting .22s on the range with her grandchildren and friends’ grandkids, teaching a senior citizen to safely handle a firearm, or just exploring another Ozarks’ creek with her toddler grandkids, it all adds up to mentoring and being there for people who need her to be there as an advocate for outdoor living.


B.A. in English, minor in Technical Writing, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Summa cum laude

Fun Fact

Baird teaches Sunday School and classically trained pianist

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