Jack Hennessy

Contributing Writer

Jack Hennessy grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago and didn’t start hunting until he attended graduate school in Spokane, Washington, at the age of 26. After graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing, Hennessy began work at The Elk Public House then later joined the Sports/Outdoors desk at The Spokesman-Review, where he covered hunting, fishing, and wild-game cooking in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, his work has appeared with Project Upland, Petersen’s Hunting, Wildfowl Magazine, Gun Dog Magazine, among many others. He now lives with his Wirehaired Vizsla, Dudley, in Wichita, Kansas.


  • Covers wild-game cooking


Hennessy started part-time as an editor and writer for The Spokesman-Review, then transitioned into freelance for a couple years before accepting a full-time position with Idea Ranch, where he now works as a PR rep, social-media marketing expert, and content creator. He continues to writer freelance with a focus on wild-game cooking.


Hennessy graduated from Marquette University with a bachelor’s degree in English: Writing Intensive; then later graduated from Eastern Washington with a Masters of Fine Arts: Creative Writing—Fiction

Fun Fact

Despite having dined in many high-end restaurants and written gourmet recipes, Jack’s favorite restaurant remains Buffalo Wild Wings (where the beer is always cold and chicken wings deliciously spicy).

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