Kris Millgate

Contributing Writer

Kris Millgate is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. She spent a decade in TV news before starting Tight Line Media as a freelancer in 2006. With a quarter-century of multimedia storytelling experience, Millgate traverses the country in search of dynamic outdoor stories. She covers hook and bullet, hike and bike, and natural resource conservation. She started producing content for Field & Stream in 2015.


  • Covers water sports, including fly fishing and paddling, plus backcountry hunting and trail running
  • Certified Idaho Master Naturalist and Licensed FAA drone pilot
  • Author of My Place Among Men and My Place Among Fish



Millgate deeply researches challenging topics, then translates the core elements into video, photos, and words. Her storytelling credibility demands an audience. Her productions have been broadcast on PBS, toured with film festivals, won national recognition, and put her on stage as an inspiring public speaker who reveals awkward truths.

Millgate’s honors include Outdoor Writers Association of America first-place awards for fishing, hunting, conservation, and adventure stories. She’s the recipient of The Ted Trueblood Award for exceptional communication from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. She’s also been recognized for outstanding service and wildlife conservation by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

During the pandemic, Millgate followed the salmon migration from the ocean to Idaho. She lived and worked solo out of a truck-camper combo while documenting the 850-mile river route through the Pacific Northwest. She arrived at the finish line, deep in central Idaho wilderness, with stitches in four places and a camera held together with duct tape.


Millgate graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in broadcast journalism. She stopped moving around the country to work at different TV stations when she started Tight Line Media as a freelancer in 2006. She’s based in Idaho with access to a wealth of wild stories on public land—from wildfires and water wars to tracking grizzlies and tagging trout.

F&S Lightning Round

Favorite Place to Fish: Notellem Creek,
Bucket List Adventure: I’ve rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Now I want to run it. And hunt chukars as I go,
Best Piece of Outdoor Advice: Choose food over clothes, and save dryer lint. It’s a great fire starter,
Favorite Piece of Outdoor Gear: Rubber boots. I consider them appropriate attire for all occasions,
All-Time Favorite F&S Story: Anything by Bill Heavey