Lindsey Lapointe

Lindsey Lapointe

Contributing Writer

Lindsey Lapointe is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. She is an avid outdoor adventurer. Her favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, and canoeing. She also spends time rock-climbing, skiing, and fishing. She’s worked as a freelance adventure writer for multiple sites and publications. She enjoys testing outdoor gear and passing her expertise to Field & Stream readers.


  • Covers outdoor gear 
  • Outdoor adventure blogger
  • Author of the trail guide, Seacoast Hikes and Nature Walks


Lapointe’s first career after college landed her as a fisheries observer in New England. Logging months at sea on draggers, gillnetters, trawlers, and scallop dredges, she worked most of the deep-water fishing vessels from Massachusetts to Maine. She identified, gutted, and sampled hundreds of commercial fish species through all kinds of weather.

Next, Lapointe worked as a naturalist in the Pacific Northwest and mountains of Southern California. Then, she moved to northern New England where she guided hiking, backpacking, and remote canoeing trips for the Appalachian Mountain Club over many seasons.

Finally, she has continued her passion for the outdoors by blogging, writing, and authoring a trail guide. She connects with others through her social media accounts where she provides hiking and wilderness expertise, gear reviews, and hiking humor. Lapointe has been featured for her work as a freelance adventurer in Freelancer Magazine, Soul Mammas Podcast, and Happy Outdoor Families Podcast.


Lapointe graduated from University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in marine science, an emphasis in biology, and a minor in chemistry. Next, she went on to complete the fisheries observer program at the Woods Hole Institute and was the top of her class. Finally, she has a master’s degree in teaching and learning from University of Southern Maine.

F&S Lightning Round

● Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
● Favorite Place to Hike: White Mountains, New Hampshire
● Longest Backpacking Trip: 28 Days
● Favorite Hiking Companion: My Shepherd-Newfie mix named Summit
● My Most Useful Piece of Outdoor Gear: MicroSpikes for winter hiking

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