Ric Burnley

Ric Burnley

Contributing Writer

Ric Burnley is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. Following in his father’s footsteps as an outdoor writer, Ric had big shoes to fill. After his dad, Eric, gave Ric his first job contributing a weekly fishing report to The Fisherman Magazine, the younger Burnley took to the profession of story-making and storytelling. Over the past two decades, Ric Burnley has entertained and educated the readers of Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing, and other major outdoor magazines. For the last 10 years, Burnley has served as editor of Kayak Angler magazine. Recently, the old salt has made the transition to digital, contributing blogs and reviews to the biggest sites on the web.


  • Covers kayak fishing, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing, surf fishing, electronics, gear, tackle, and boats.


Before Burnley was an outdoor writer, he was an outdoorsman. Growing up in Virginia Beach, saltwater has been in his blood since an early age. Fishing with his dad and then moving on to fish with some of the most respected charter captains in the mid-Atlantic, Burnley got his education from the engine room to the cockpit. The resulting experience translates into hundreds of articles and photos published in the biggest media outlets in the business. Burnley has learned from countless experts—from industry insiders to the sport’s biggest names—and has connected with the movers and shakers who start trends and then break them.


Burnley received a degree in English with a focus on secondary education at Radford University. As a full-time high school English teacher and prolific outdoor writer, Burnley balances his calling as an educator and angler.

F&S Lightning Round

Favorite Place to Fish: Virginia’s Eastern Shore,
Bucket List Adventure: Paddle-out kayak fishing for sailfish off South Florida,
Most Prized Piece of Gear: Lucky fishing hat—a 12wt Cornerstone Trucker Hat,
All-Time Favorite F&S Story: A Christmas Story: Onkel Adolph’s Gift by Gerry Bethge

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