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Good work gloves will protect your hands from cuts, abrasion, thorns, and hazardous materials. Malte Wingen via Unsplash

Most guys get the need for gloves when you’re stacking wood, pulling barb wire, lifting concrete blocks or any of a thousand jobs likely to introduce splinters, slice your fingers or sandpaper your skin. While protecting your manicure’s probably not at the top of your list of reasons for using work gloves, safety should be. Aside from the standard safety applications here are three more reasons to keep extra pairs of seriously guy gloves handy in your truck and barn.

Phone Compatible

With 5mm foam padding in the palm, you’re protected against abrasion. Vgo

Your ability to handle icy conditions or slippery materials is greatly increased with a well-fitted pair of work gloves. There’s a limit to what your sweaty, oily fingers can grab and hold. Look for gloves featuring rubber gripping surfaces, or gloves made of rough leather for the best grip. For uses in cold weather look for lined or insulated gloves fitted to feature dexterity and flexibility for high contact gripping needs.

Heavy Duty

The seamless fingertips on this product allow for a delicate touch. Amazon

The outdoors is full of stuff designed to stick, scratch, abrade or otherwise penetrate your skin. Some thorns and brambles are even designed to penetrate deeper the more you pull. A handy pair of work gloves can be a boon when you’re putting up your treestand or duck blind, but also when you’re hiking or four-wheeling or bushwhacking into your favorite trout pond. Gloves made with modern materials like high-denier nylon or PVC are snag-proof and excellent for shedding stickers.

Extra Protection

This item features reinforcements everywhere, from the fingers to the palm. Amazon

Good work gloves are a must when working in brush where poison ivy, poison oak, wild parsnip, hogweed and other noxious plants may be present. But they’re also a requisite when handling lawn and garden chemicals, many of which have toxic effects from exposure. Washability and longer cuffs are an important quality for gloves used in these environments.