We didn’t catch anything on our final two attempts to fish Great Bear. Ted lost one, which was pretty devastating. We had been told about a great spot to fish on our overland route to Kugluktuk. It didn’t work out there either.

I dealt with the fishing failure without going on meds. I prescribed to a positive mentality instead. It was tough but we had to move on. I told myself: “Well, it’s all about just getting out there..” and other things fishermen say when they don’t catch anything. I just stayed positive.

I did know, deep down, that it was a lie–maybe just a white lie to myself–but still a lie. I was fishing to catch fish! Of course there are elements to fishing other than just the fish, but if it were all about just “getting out there” it wouldn’t be called fishing.

I guess that’s the thing about fishing that draws me to it: the anticipation–the fact that you never know what’ll happen. If it wasn’t for getting skunked sometimes, we wouldn’t feel so happy when we limit out or catch a monster.

Every time you don’t catch something, you’re that much closer to catching the big one.