It’s great to go on a multi-day – wilderness expedition. You see so much of the land and you get to camp in a new spot every night. The only problem is that it can be a pain to make and break camp every day. A few key things that make breaking camp quicker can get you on the water or on the trail much faster every day and will make your style of travel more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Stuff It – In the video you see me roll the tent–a must when you have a canvas tent like we had. But when using your other tents, just stuff them; don’t bother rolling. It takes way too long. Stuff your sleeping bag, to. Seriously, what is the point of fussing with rolling a sleeping bag? It’s a pain.

Start Right Away – Like I say in the video, before you leave the tent in the morning, roll up your ground pad, pack up your cloths bag, stuff your sleeping bag, and throw them out of the tent as you leave. A fire is nice on a cold morning, but then you usually end up hanging around the fire, looking for wood, and taking time to put it out. Just get your water boiling for coffee quickly and cook up what ever you have for breakfast on the stove. If you have a fire going from the night before and a couple extra logs, throw them on but it won’t speed up your departure time.

Get Up – Here is an important one. Sometimes when its 30 degrees below with howling winds–and you are thinking about all the chores you have to do to break camp–you’re not ready to spring out of bed the second you crack your eyelids. But try to think about all the great things you will do that day, and maybe the tasty fish you’ll have for breakfast. And get up!

Eat Last – Do everything else you have to do (other than pack away your food and mess kit) to break camp before you eat. This will give you a full belly when you’re on the trail and some motivation to get the job done.
One Final Check** – Make one final check around camp to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything before you leave; forgetting things can happen when you rush. Make sure you will have everything for the day out, as it’s a pain to pack up and then realize that you need something that has been loaded into the bottom of your toboggan, trailer, backpack, or canoe.