From The Urban Dictionary:

Gong Show noun

1. An event marred by confusion, ineptitude and shenanigans.

2. The term gong show is widely used in the hockey locker rooms across Canada. It has become the nickname of many out-of-control young men.

Shortly after repairing my trailer we had an unprecedented host of bad luck. The winch going, O.K. The trailers breaking, fine. But to run a spell of the winch breaking (again) two blown tires, a temporarily lost bag (not tied down properly), ditching an ATV–in a ditch–twice, a busted hitch, and getting stuck in a swamp, then in the muskeg, then in another swamp; it was almost too much.

Almost. We always talked about this trip, in the planning stages, as a learning experience. Hard as some of it was in the moment, we were learning concrete lessons on tires, winches and terrain, and the invaluable lessons of never taking oneself too seriously. Was the whole trip marred with confusion, ineptitude and shenanigans? No, not really. But there were moments, even–one could argue–a three-day spat of them, which we documented in the above video. Whether we made 10 miles or 10 feet, we kept on riding. “To the Twitya or bust,” became our slogan.