First Blood

It’s not often you get to see something brand new in the world of shotguns, but here’s a new one on me: it’s a delayed roller-action, fully ambidextrous 3 1/ 2 inch semi-auto. The gentleman with the stogie and the greenhead is inventor, Jeff Hajjar of SRM, maker of the Sure-Cycle spring kits and Terror Chokes. The gun in his hand is his own invention and the only one of its kind . . . so far. Actually, this is the hunting version of the SRM 1216 a tactical gun Hajjar showed at last year’s SHOT. This new gun is unnamed for now.

Yes, that is the cocking handle you see in the forearm. Don’t worry about your fingers — it only moves when you use it to open the bolt manually. The handle reverses easily for left-handed shooters, and you can switch the gun from right to left-side eject, too. Remove one pin in the receiver, and the whole thing breaks open like an AR-15 for cleaning or for carrying safely around the clays course.

Hajjar says the delayed roller action is similar to that of an MP-5 and promises it will be reliable with anything from one-ounce target loads to 3.5-inch magnums. This gun, with a walnut stock and a 26-inch barrel, has an alloy receiver and weighs about 7 1/ 4 pounds. Hajjar hopes to be in production next year. Who knows exactly when we’ll see this gun in the field, but remember, you saw it here first.

First Blood