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From North Carolina’s The Fayetteville Observer via iStockAnalyst:

_Don Talbot thinks it should be a crime to shoot an animal with a bullet too small to kill it quickly.

Talbot tried to get state legislators to pass a law to ensure that hunters use appropriately sized bullets when hunting big game. On Thursday, the Senate shot it down, 30-15.

_”I don’t understand,” Talbot said after the vote. He speculated that “a lot of legislators just don’t understand . . . the issues.”

_[Talbot introduced the bill after learning that some members of his hunting club] used .22-caliber bullets to shoot deer.

_”It may be legal, but it’s stupid,” Talbot said.

_The bullets were too small and had too little power to do the job.

“They just wound them, they don’t drop them,” he said. “They run off and bleed to death or get infections.”

Well, some legislators may not understand, but you do? What do you think, should state officials set caliber minimums? What should those minimums be?