My friend Walter sent me this picture a while back from the Iowa State Fair. The fair is perhaps best known for the life-size butter cow and other butter sculptures* but you see all kinds of neat stuff if you wander around the exhibit halls. Walter spotted this trap-table in the 4-H hall. It won a blue ribbon for Marc Fullerton of Nora Springs in the Science, Mechanics and Engineering category and is solid evidence that 4-H still supports hunting, shooting and other wholesome activities.


It’s a pretty cool project. Two trappers can sit side by side on the picnic table seat. The cutout in the middle holds a cardboard box for empty hulls, and there are four padded barrel rests on each end of the table.
Congratulations to Marc and to 4-H.

_*this year’s controversy: PETA** and right-wing groups sided together to successfully oppose a butter Michael Jackson. The conservatives disapproved of Jackson’s morals, while PETA wanted the statue made from margarine.

_**Speaking of PETA and Iowa, I note with here with, perhaps, misplaced pride that when PETA mascot Chris P. Carrot visited a Des Moines school several years ago to promote vegetarianism he was attacked by a mob of children. They stuffed beef jerky into his costume, then chased him back to his van, hurling bologna at him and chanting “F*#% PETA! We love meat!”