The words “Terry Bradshaw’s nude ccene” should be enough to stop anyone from watching “Failure to Launch,” a 2006 romantic comedy with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The movie is only okay, but it does contain a funny bit in a gun store. The character played by Zooey Deschanel wants to get rid of a mockingbird that annoys her with its constant singing outside her window and tries to buy a gun to shoot it with. Notice the rare Hollywood portrayal of the clerk as the good guy.

Unfortunately, this clip ends a few seconds too soon. Zooey and Jim wrestle over the green and gold Remington shell box. When they tear the box open and shells spill all over the counter, though, they’re not green Remingtons but red Federal Gold Medals. The sight caused me to point and yell at the screen, then make my poor wife and kids watch the scene several times over, in slow motion and stop action.

All I can figure is that the Remington box fit in better with the subdued color scheme of the set, but green shells didn’t show up well enough when they spilled out. Someone thought to refill the Remington box with Federals. You can get the movie and see for yourself, but remember I warned you about the “Naked Room.”