The polls are closed. There are no hanging chads (WA Mnthunter). And we have a winner. You can still argue the point at deer camp if you want, but on this site the old .270 vs .30-06 debate is over. The longstanding question is answered, once and for all. And the .30-06 is our National Whitetail Cartridge Champion.


With a final score of 57 percent to 42 percent,* it wasn’t even all that close. It started out tight, but as the ’06 fans began making their points–better versatility, longer history, more bullet options–the old military vet started pulling away. By the time someone finally got around to the most salient point: “Aught-6. Just because I like to say the word “Aught” (Papa B.), you knew it was over. How you going to argue with that?

The winners may gloat. Those of you who voted for the .30-06 may from this point forward refer to it simply as The Champ. (“I just picked up a mint pre-64 Model 70 chambered in The Champ.”) As for .270 fans, your favorite whitetail cartridge will now be known on this site as The Runner-Up. (“For western whitetails, I love the flat-shooting capabilities of The Runner-Up.”) And for those of you whose favorite round was knocked out earlier in the competition, we’ll just ask you to ad “Also-Ran” to the end of the cartridge name. (“I know some people say it’s too much gun for whitetails, but I just love my 7mm Rem Mag Also-Ran.”)

All hail The Champ. Next year, deer rifles.

_*dukkillr correctly noted that this does not quite add up to 100. That’s because I arbitrarily gave 1 percentage point to my favorite round, the .260 Rem Also-Ran, which I felt was unfairly knocked out much too early due to a bad seed. And that bad seed is Christopher Cogley.