The Final Four is finally here! On one hand, you have Michigan State vs. Butler and West Virginia vs. Duke. On the other, it’s .270 WSM vs. .270 Win. and .30-06 vs. .308. And it’s all going down over the same weekend–almost like we planned it that way.


What we didn’t plan is to have all chalk in our Final Four. (I originally started this post with a rant about all this chalk.*) But, on the upside, what we do have is a true battle of the big guns (except that they are cartridges, not guns), in terms of seeding (all one- and two-seeds), popularity (no surprise there), bullet diameter (everything under .277 inches is out), and firepower (with two of the three most-powerful original rounds still in). So we should have a couple of barn-burners. Here are the contenders, as originally seeded:

Division I:
(1) .270 WSM
— By improving on the ballistics of the original .270, this could be the best deer round in the woods today.
(2) .270 Win. — The standard bearer in deer cartridges. It is cheaper to shoot than the .270 WSM, but its ballistics aren’t quite as good.

Division II:
(1) .30-06
– It’s hard to argue against the 06 being the greatest hunting cartridge of all time. Deer included.
(2) .308 – Not quite as much speed or energy as the .30-06, but arguably more accurate. -Christopher Cogley

You know what to do. Vote for your preferred cartridge in each matchup below to determine which will advance to our National Whitetail Cartridge Championship game. You’ve got the whole weekend to log you votes.


*More chalk?! Honestly people, you’re screwing up my bracket here. It’s almost like you believed us when we called SHOT Business’ Christopher Cogley (the one guy we could get to seed the rounds for $25) an expert. Geez!

Seriously, when the one-seed .270 WSM inched past the obviously superior three-seed .25-06 yesterday afternoon, I played it cool. I knew I could call the game at any point of my choosing and so just waited for the .25-06 to move back ahead.

What the hell happened?