“He who would tell the truth should have one foot in the stirrups.”–Old Russian Proverb

To paraphrase Bubba Clinton, I feel your outrage. However, going back to the time of Warren Page, Field & Stream has had a policy of not reporting on failed equipment. I don’t mean stuff with flaws, but rifles and other gear that are outright unusable for one reason or another. So, with that in mind, permit me to point out the following: When I get something that doesn’t work, I return it and tell the manufacturer why it is coming back, and how I feel personally betrayed. They get no publicity from Field & Stream, which is probably as bad as being denounced.

If I start naming names, no one will send me anything to shoot, and hell will freeze before Field & Stream‘s parent company pays for my firearms. If I start naming names, it is not going to help the companies who send me flawed stuff. It’s tough enough to make a dollar in the gun biz these days, and I have no wish to make that situation more difficult.

If you get a rifle that has a glitch, send it back to the manufacturer and see how the matter is handled.

Buy your rifles from a gun shop. They have as good an idea as anyone as to who is making quality stuff and who isn’t. Even custom rifles come through flawed.

One venerable gun company built a rifle for me with the cheekpiece on the wrong side of the stock. They ate the first stock and built a second. A friend of mine who has made many rifles for me sent me one that would not shoot better than an inch and a half. I was baffled until I noticed that he had forgotten to include a rear bedding screw.

A rifle that I had re-stocked (in wood) for quite a number of dollars split behind the tang after about 30 rounds. Two custom wood-stocked rifles had to have their original stocks discarded because they were so unstable as to be unusable.

And on, and on. We’re all human. More or less.