That’s me — I’m the one on the left — on the set of “The Gun Nuts” the other day. We had just filmed a highly scientific test on the shot-resistant properties of shooting glasses. What happens when 8 shot launched at 1200 fps meets polycarbonate lenses protecting googly craft eyes on cantaloupes representing human heads? Tune in to The Gun Nuts to find out.

Starting today, every Wednesday at 9:30 PM (EST) Dave and I will do our best to bring this blog to life onscreen on the Outdoor Channel. We will blast melons, torture red dots, debunk myths and even break out Dave’s famous Ballistic Buffalo. We’ll talk about guns both classic and new, give shooting advice, and speak our minds about gunny subjects. We may give some stuff away, too.


So far it has been a lot of fun to work on The Gun Nuts, and I hope the end result is as much fun for you to watch. We’ll find out soon enough. If you can’t wait until next Wednesday, then play the preview clip below, which the Outdoor Channel worked up for the show. — Phil Bourjaily