If there’s one thing most if us have a lot of this time of year, it’s empty shotgun hulls. If there’s one thing our wives and/or girlfriends love above all things, it’s candles. So why hasn’t someone gone all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and combined the two? Ask and ye shall receive.

I give you the shotgun shell candle, courtesy of the Instructables website


You’ll need …
Used shotgun shells (That’s kind of a given) Make sure that the plastic is intact and the metal isn’t completely rusty, because if it is, then it could break.

Candle wax. You can use the big blocks of it, or tea lights, or old candles. Whatever you want.

Double boiler. I use one that is originally meant for melting chocolate, but I find it more useful for this. You can make one by putting a tin can in water in a pot, or you can buy one.

Some kind of colorant. You can use another candle, or crayons, or that coloring stuff that’s meant for candles.

Candle wick

X-acto knife

A stirring utensil

The illustrated instructions give you a step-by-step for making what I believe are extremely handsome and functional candles, appropriate for any decor. Whether or not you wife and/or girlfriend agrees is another matter entirely…