Though very short-lived on U.S. television, the British comdey show “Trigger Happy TV” was always a favorite of mine. It’s sort of a “Candid Camera” concept, where the film crew shoots the actors doing whacky things in public to get the reactions of passersby. Check out the clip below. I think you’ll enjoy it, because although it’s ultmately a spoof, the acting portrays very real characteristics of fishermen.

So how many times have you been on the lake or river, or fishing among a fleet of boats, when some dude hooks up and feels the need to shout his success far and wide? My favorite is when this occurs in a group of striper boats in NJ trying to chase the same bunker school. I once fished near a gentleman who called out every hook up at the top of his lungs. When he scolded another boat for being to close during the fight (which it wasn’t), I then had the pleasure of watching that captain whizz 12 ounces of lead into the windshield of the scolder.

Then there’s the guy who will go out of his way to ask what you’ve caught, only so he can tell you what he caught. This type is especially prevalent on opening day of the trout season. He who has the heaviest stringer in the parking lot wins. And he will generally tell you, whether you asked or not, how he loaded the stringer and what you were probably doing wrong out there.

I could use a little end-of-the-week humor. So tell me your best tale of one, or both, of the knuckleheads described above. I know you’ve fished with them.