Cermele: How Was Your Long Weekend?

So it’s back to work today. Yes, I too am pining for a few more days off after a most eventful Memorial Day weekend. Though you can certainly count on crowds, this weekend has always been the official kick-off of the serious fishing season for me. Case in point, former F&S Intern Rick Bach (below) came down to Jersey, as I told him Memorial Day always coughs up the first big stripers of the season. I wasn’t lying. We boated bass to 41 pounds. Those fish were not around one week ago. I’m really glad they showed up, because a few bass fillets on the grill taste better than standard Memorial Day burgers and dogs if you ask me.


Likewise, when hatches are a little slow to start in the spring around here, I can always count on things perking up Memorial Day weekend, though you usually have to get your kicks early…by 11 a.m. my favorite trout holes are swimming holes, and my favorite riffles are suddenly tube runs. At least that’s the case when it’s hot in the East like it was this year.

Did you take advantage of the long weekend to fish, or do you stay away from the crowds? Let us know how you did, or what kind of yahoos you encountered while trying to do it.