Bass Fishing photo

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

_Naturally, it came down to a big fish.

_Frankfort of Downstate West Frankfort had one, Zion-Benton Boat 2 did not at Carlyle Lake Saturday.

A kicker, lingo for big fish, decided Illinois’s inaugural high school bass fishing championship before a weigh-in crowd of 1,200. By 13 ounces, the Redbirds won the world’s first statewide high school bass fishing tournament, weighing 16 pounds, 4 ounces to Zion-Benton’s 15-7.

By all accounts the event was an enormous success. But there are those who cringe at the idea of fishing as a competitive sport, arguing that catching bass for trophies, recognition, cash, or prizes is disrespectful to the fish.

What do you say?