Every year around this time, the tackle manufacturers start sending out press releases and sneak-peek samples of all the new goodies they’ll unveil at the ICAST show in July. I thought I’d share one with you, as this lure really caught my attention. Pictured below is the YUM Money Hound, and I promise it’ll be a while before you see them on tackle shop shelves, so remember, you saw it here first.


This lure is a topwater soft-plastic that when rigged with a traditional wide-gap worm hook gives you a Spook-style walk-the-dog bait that is completely weedless (they come 4 per pack, by the way). YUM says they float so high, you can work them right over any slop or matted grass with no problems. A-plus for innovation on this one I say, because I love fishing Spooks, but I hate picking weeds off the trebles.

But now I’ll play devil’s advocate. Theoretically, if a bass inhales this bait and walks away, you’ve got him. But what about swipes, nudges, and those half-hearted attempts that a treble might compensate for? I’m an over-excited topwater fisherman, and no matter how much I try to relax, I botch my share of hits because I almost involuntarily swing for the fences right away. I think this lure might take some discipline to fish right.

So what do you think? Do you see great potential in the Money Hound, or like me, do you worry you might strike out more than connect with this one?