When I got home Monday evening, the sun was shining for the first time in what felt like months around here. So, with no great expectations and just an itch to get out, I grabbed one rod, two lures and took a drive a local park with a lake therein. The fishing was awful, but I was treated to a show, though not nearly the best I’ve ever seen.


On the far side of the lake was a young couple laying on a blanket. From my distance, it was hard to tell exactly what was going on, but it involved more than soaking in late-day sun and conversing. There was, er, much rolling. If you spend enough time fishing areas highly visited by the public, you’re bound to see something along these lines eventually.

And if you walk dark beaches after the bars close like I do in the summer to surf fish, you end up saying “whoops, sorry” more than you’d think. Couples also apparently assume nobody follows long trails to trout streams in August, but I do.

I fished with a musky guide not long ago who told me he once came around a bend in the Delaware River and found a couple “having fun” on the bank. “I thought they would bolt,” he told me. “But they didn’t. So I dropped anchor and so did another boat. When it was all over we gave them a round of applause and they loved it.”

Have you been treated to some shows out there? Keep it clean. Use metaphors if you have to. Don’t make me delete your comments.