One of my favorite things to do in August is pitch topwater frogs for largemouth. Though I know this works other times of year, those muggy August mornings have always coughed up the most memorable strikes for me around the pads. Now there are tons of frogs out there, but the RevereMaxx frogs shown below are pretty different from any I’ve seen. I shot this pic at ICAST a few weeks ago.


You buy a body, and then customize the leg action to suit your needs. The frogs come with wide-gap worm hooks attached, but you can swap them for whatever you like. Then just add your favorite soft-plastic. Long worms represent extended legs for a fast retrieve, short grubs look more like the legs at the frog’s side…you get the idea. Possibilities and actions are endless.

Another thing I really like is that the hooks swivel almost all the way around, which really helped my hook-up ratio during a little field test I conducted. While we all know weedless rubber frogs with the upturned hooks catch bass, you have to have some serious will power not to set the hook on the strike. I screw that up a lot. But no doubt, a good explosion on a frog makes me just as happy as the guy in the video below.