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So I’ve recently become a pick-up truck owner. I’ve only had SUVs in the past, but given the nature of my hobbies, I finally decided that a pick-up was more practical in many ways. I only had one problem: I couldn’t stand laying rods in the bed with them hanging over the tailgate. I’ve just seen too many sticks get snapped or lose guides that way. So I began to tinker.


Not many pick-ups have roof racks, but Thule makes crossbars and ski holders for just about every vehicle under the sun. I can hold (and lock) seven rods on my roof, and I use this primarily for freshwater outfits and fly rods. But is that enough rod storage? Heavens no. I also splurged on a custom 7-rod rocket launcher that clamps into the bed made by a local aluminum welder. Each tube even has a removable pin that allows me to schlep offshore rods with gimbal-lock butts without them swinging. That’s 14 rods total I can tote anywhere without a single one lying in the bed.

My last SUV was leased, and I learned the hard way that dealerships don’t take kindly to rugs full of sand and river mud. Since I own the new truck, a set of WeatherTech mats became priority. Now there’s nothing my waders can track in that a hose can’t blast out (vacuum sand all you want, you never get it all). To keep my coolers and boxes in place, I also picked up a cheap ratcheting cargo bar for the bed. This in and of itself is unexciting. But the little holes that the ratchet’s cog grab make excellent lure hangers.

Perhaps I’ve gone overboard, but I’ve seen plenty of tricks and projects online regarding pick-ups and fishing. There’s lots of PVC, milk crates, and two-by-fours involved. Have you rigged your ride for fishing in any way? I’d love to hear about some of your modifications. – JC