Discussion Topic: ASA Calls for Action Against Proposed Washington Lead Ban

From an American Sportfishing Association press release:
Without evidence that lead fishing tackle is posing a threat to loon populations, a proposed ban in Washington State is completely unwarranted!

Please send a letter to the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Commission demanding that they reject a proposed rule that would ban the use of lead fishing tackle. The proposal is based on the assumptions that lead fishing tackle poses a threat to loon populations and that many alternatives to lead are widely available for approximately the same price - neither of which is true. . . .

A study of common loons by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife found "no evidence of a declining population or a substantial change in distribution" in the state, and loon populations are stable or increasing throughout their range. Advocates for the proposed ban are using as evidence a finding that says over the past 13 years, nine loons are found to have died from ingesting lead fishing tackle.