Fish don’t care one lick that you’ve set a day (or three) aside to film an episode of a web fishing show. I’ve learned much about this since I started putting “Hook Shots” together back in the spring. I’ll come clean: for every episode you’ve seen this season, I’ve had at least two misses in between. So for the final episode of 2009, I thought I’d go out on a humble note and show you some of the intended Hook Shots that just never came to pass. Hopefully, you’ll get a laugh or two.

Now there are many factors that can kill a day of filming. Weather is a biggie, followed closely by lack of fish. As a general rule, I need to land at least three of the target species to make it work. Then there are superstition factors. As an example, I won’t name names, but there are a few people who have convinced me they are utterly hopeless Hook Shots jinxes. Put them and a camera on any body of water, and suddenly that water is void of fish.

In any case, I’ve had a ton of fun putting Hook Shots together this year, and I can’t thank all of you enough for tuning (or clicking) in to watch. I’ll be back with Season II shortly after the New Year. I’m thinking either a hard-water show, or maybe I can weasel a trip to some place warm. “Welcome to Hook Shots. Today I’m in Costa Rica.” Yeah, that sounds nice. — JC