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As you might imagine, I find myself a little more at home at the ICAST fishing industry show, but here I am with the rest of my team walking the SHOT Show floor in Las Vegas. Since I’ve been here I’ve lovingly caressed many a fine rifle, and even shot a few rounds of trap (I’m acutally not bad. I can do more than cast). But I’ve always got an eye out for fishy wares. Last year I reported on some cammo rods. This year I decided to visit the booth of each knife manufacturer to see what blades coming out in 2010 would pique angler interest.


Pictured here is the Pacific Salt Black Blade from Spyderco. It’s the latest to join their Salt family, and I must say I am a big fan of the line. Mr. Merwin even brought it up in a post not too long ago, and Tim Romano from the Fly Talk blog chimed in, also voicing his love of the Salts. There’s really no big secret to why they’re great fishing knives: They stay razor sharp and won’t rust. I mean throw one in the ocean, pick it up a year later, and it’ll be clean.

But this isn’t the only cool new knife I found. Benchmade, Leatherman, and Buck are all releasing some killer cutlery (and other tools) for the fisherman. Click here or on the photo to see a gallery of my findings. And let me know what you like. — JC