Whether or not you use products like Berkley’s Gulp! or get excited over the color-changing baits in Yo-Zuri’s Sashimi Series, it’s hard to deny that recent technology has produced some amazing things in the lure world. But if you’re a fan of the Terminator films like I am, you might be inclined to wonder if we’ll ever reach a point where lures become too “smart.” Imagine a lure that homes in on a fish’s mouth like a heat-seeking missile and hooks itself in place. Hey, it could happen, and according to this news story on, science has already created a lure that “forces” fish to bite.


In a nutshell, scientist John Caprio from Louisiana State University “discovered the specific natural stimuli that activate taste sensors, resulting in nerve reflexes that cause the fish to ingest food or an appropriate fishing lure.” This means, according to Caprio, certain natural triggers force a fish to strike whether it wants or not. As I understand it, it’s completely involuntary.

All of this research and technology worked its way into BioPulse Lures (shown above) through a partnership between LSU and Mystic Tackleworks. Each “BioPulse System” ($34) includes a can of “neuorological feeding stimulant” and “anti-microbial cleaning solution.” Mystic’s website provides a long list of exactly what a BioPulse lure does. You can read it here, but a few of the more intriguing features include mechanical scent dispersal, “Polymeric Feeding Stimulant Foam,” internal circuitry developed at M.I.T., and (getting back to the Terminator) a “self-aware” ambient light sensing system that automatically activates the internal LEDs based on water clarity.

If you read any of the material linked in this post and get a mild headache, don’t worry, I did, too. First, as these lures are brand-new, there’s not much angler testimony out there just yet. But lets assume the BioPulse lures do exactly what they say and truly force fish to hit, removing the need to coax a strike. Would you want one? I wouldn’t. The day fishing is that easy is the day I quit. Of course, I’m interested to hear your thoughts — JC