Ice Fishing photo

Talk about your pimped-out ice shanties.

From the Worchester Telegram:

[Andrew] Giza said he and a friend bought the limo about a year ago for $400. Yesterday, it made its maiden voyage on ice.

Mr. Giza said most people have a very basic question when they see a limo.

“They ask us why we got a limo and I say ‘Why not?'”. . . .

The limo contains an approximately 2-foot-wide and 2-1/2-foot-tall electric fireplace,. . . a television, DVD player, Xbox, . . . small refrigerator. . . and an approximately foot-wide hole in the floor toward the rear. . . that Mr. Giza said has a cover that can be moved aside for easy access to the ice.

“You can sit there and cast a jig without ever leaving the vehicle,” Mr. Giza said.