My late friend and famous Field & Stream author Ed Zern could come up with a wry and funny remark regarding just about anything. As he wrote in 1977, “I get all the truth I need in the newspaper every morning, and every chance I get I go fishing, or swap stories with fishermen, to get the taste of it out of my mouth.”

Me, too. But at the same time news has become so much more immediate–and at times overwhelming–that it’s hard not to feel buffeted by current events.

This week’s disastrous earthquake in Haiti is the latest example. Incredible human suffering shows on every page and screen as I write this. It is impossible not to feel somehow touched by this while at the same time feeling a little helpless.

So this morning I stopped working, scheming, and writing about fishing long enough to make a modest contribution to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. This was not a lot to do, but at least I could feel as if I’d done a little.

And having done at least something, I’ll also then feel a little better about going fishing….