So here’s what I’m wondering about this morning: When it comes to nylon monofilament fishing lines, who is using what? There’s a huge array of brands and styles out there, so I’m curious to know what your response–and that of others–might be.

Fair is fair, so here’s what I use. Most often, it’s Berkley Big Game mono in various sizes because it’s fairly consistent, predictable, and–most of all–cheap. A 10-pound-test spool containing 1,500 yards sells for about $8 at my area Wal-Mart. Sometimes I want a little extra edge and spool up with Trilene Sensation, which is more expensive but a bit smaller in diameter.


What I do not use is the no-name stuff from the bargain bin at a Sports Authority or similar. Line needs to be trustworthy above all, and I figure you get what you pay for–which in the bargain bin isn’t much. Some may prefer that, though, which is fine by me. Any line is probably better than no line.

Last fall I started using some McCoy Mean Green, a monofilament brand out of the Northwest that some of my bass-fishing buddies like a lot. I thought it worked fine but not significantly better than some others. And for ultralight-spinning line, specifically, I like the German Tectan sold by Cabela’s in sizes 6-pound and lighter. That particular line seems to be accurately labeled as to its fine diameter, unlike some other brands that tend to exaggerate.

But what’s your take? Any Stren fans out there? Anybody newly in love with Sufix mono, or maybe P-Line? Let’s hear it….