In the last episode of “Hook Shots” before Christmas, I told you I’d be rolling out the new season just after the New Year. You didn’t think I was going to wait until spring did you? Just last week, I put up with a snot-dripping nose, numb hands, and ice-block feet for steelhead in Pulaski, New York. The pay-off couldn’t have been better. There are also some changes I’ve made to the series starting with this episode I’d like to fill you in on.

I received a lot of viewer emails throughout the course of putting these videos together. Many of them included some suggestions about what you would like to see. So I took all of them into consideration and added two new features.

Some viewers said they’d like some more fishing tips. No problem. Starting with this episode, you’ll find a new segment called “Hardcore Tackle” with Captain Eric Kerber, where he hits you with some gear-based info that doesn’t just apply to the species in the video. I promise you’ll be able to use these tips on your home waters. Eric is qualified for this because he’s one hell of a knowledgable angler, a successful salt- and freshwater guide, works in a tackle shop, and he also has lots more tattoos than I do…which are a requirement to be a “Hook Shots” regular.

I also recieved some emails asking me to post online info that tells you a little bit more about the location, tactics and tackle used in each episode. Consider it done. From here on out, you’ll find a link in the video description (when accessed through our video page) to info that gives you the specifics on the trip, and fills you in on how to embark on same adventure. Click here to check out the tactics and tackle from our steelhead show.

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions, think I need to shoot a show in location X, or play in a band that wants to contribute original tunes to future episodes, send an email to Hope you enjoy. – JC