Imagine you’re driving to your favorite river for a day of float fishing. It’s an hour and a half drive from your home. It’s spring and the weather and water flows (CFS) are temperamental. The problem is you forgot to check the conditions before you left. In the past you would have kept driving and crossed your fingers.

Now, there’s an App for that. All you have to do is pull out your Iphone, and viola realtime data at your fingertips. At last count there were close to 360 fishing applications over at the Apple “App” store. Granted, most of these are simply games, but many others compile real time data helping you decide where to fish, what to fish for and the best way to do it. There’s information from tidal buoy’s, gaging stations, and weather stations. Forgot how to tie a surgeons loop? There’s an app for that. Curious about matching a hatch on a specific river? There’s an app for that.


The point is, there’s a wealth of data for fishing situations one button push away. Never before have you had the ability on the water to have so much powerful info in your pocket.

I’m curious, are you using smartphone apps for fishing? If so what do you like or dislike? What kind of features are helpful or just superfluous?