Not long ago, Tim Romano over at the Fly Talk Blog asked how you felt about downloading fishing applications to your iPhone. There are “apps” out there that give you real-time stream flow rates and tell you how to tie fishing knots. Of course, before you can download one of these programs to your smart phone, you have to actually own a smart phone. Love the idea or hate it, in due time these gadgets will likely replace the common cell phone. So when they do, you may as well take advantage of the useful fishing tools at your fingertips. Take, for example, the recently introduced Boat Ramp and Bait Shop applications.


How many times have you been fishing away from home and could really use a bait shop but aren’t sure where to go? Type in the zip code and the application spits back all area tackle shops, including the odd hardware store or gas station that just happens to have a worm fridge and handful of spinners in the back. The Boat Ramp app works the same way, showing you terrain or road maps, providing marina and launch phone numbers where available, and giving you directions.

Granted, if you’re traveling with your boat in tow, I’m betting you figured out where to launch before you left the house. But ramps get crowded and flooded. They wash out. I’ve pulled up to a ramp at 5 a.m. only to find out I couldn’t launch until 8. You need to change plans on the fly. That’s when I see this app coming in handy. To learn more about these apps, click here. — JC