I’m not much of a sports guy, but there was a time when I followed the Florida Marlins and San Jose Sharks. Yes, even as a pre-teen I gravitated towards the fishy. I also rooted for the Miami Dolphins, though that was a stretch and by and large I’m turned off by marine mammals. Too smart. Too cute. While surfing the Net the other day I came across the website of the Toledo Walleye hockey team. I never knew they existed, and I realized that gamefish don’t find themselves blazoned on jerseys too often.


I think that’s because fish are “soft” compared to broncos, bears, and bulldogs. Bluefish are mean, but you kind of need to have some angling knowledge to get that. So I wonder how many Bridgeport, Connecticut, baseball fans really understand why their team shares a name with this line-cutting bait-ruiner. Walleyes? Well, sure they’re predators, but I’ve caught many that hit with the daintiest tap and fought like a dish rag. Marlin are stellar gamefish, but they just as easily break your heart as make your day. If you’re wondering why I’m not including the Tampa Bay Devil Rays here it’s because nobody fishes for rays. They don’t count.

So let’s pretend your home state or town had a team that needed local gamefish representation. What would be the most fitting? As I’m from New Jersey, I guess we could go with the “Radio-Active Flounder” or perhaps the “Dull-Gray Stockers.” Let’s hear some. — JC