One lucky reader is going to earn the chance to go fishing with one of these two cover models. At left we have the March 2010 cover of Field & Stream featuring a Sebile Magic Swimmer. On the right we have actress Alice Eve, who is on the April 2010 cover of Maxim. Both are sexy, no doubt. Question is, which one do you think I have the power to hook you up with?


If you guessed Alice Eve, I’m flattered and truly appreciate that. But no, her card is not (yet) included in my Rolodex of guides, tackle manufacturers, and bait shops. I do, however, have the actual Magic Swimmer that was photographed for this cover right here on my desk. Now, if you were to own such a thing, you could consider it a collectible worthy of shelving or displaying in a glass case. Or you could go catch a monster bass with it. I don’t care…it’s yours to do with as you wish.

So if you want to become the proud owner of this F&S artifact, all you have to do is tell me why you’d rather go fishing with our cover model instead of Maxim‘s cover model. Have fun, be creative, keep it clean. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, April 6th. — JC